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Bible and Prayer Beads

Christian Quotes

We hope you enjoy these Christian Quotes.

In the Dark?

In the dark...? Follow the Son.

Sin Offers Much

Sin offers much, pays nothing and costs everything.

A Bible Falling Apart

A Bible falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't.

Pay Day

The wages of sin is death. Quit before payday!

Dusty Bibles

Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives.

Out of This World

Come work for God; the benefits are out of this world.


Conscience - God's Early Warning System.


Firefighters rescue lives; God saves lives.


"A backbone is better than a wishbone." - Author Unknown

Our Father

"Many people pray 'Our Father' but live as orphans." - Author Unknown


"Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe."
- Augustine

Life Is Fragile

"Life is fragile; handle with prayer." - Author Unknown


"No time to pray makes you easy prey."
- Author Unknown

God's Thoughts

"The mountains are God's thoughts piled up. The ocean is God's thoughts spread out. The flowers are God's thoughts in bloom. The dew drops are God's thoughts in pearls." - Sam Jones

Safe Landing

"God promises a safe landing, not smooth sailing."
- Author Unknown

God's Promises

"God's promises do not have an expiration date."
- Author Unknown

A Hand Above

"Walk boldly and wisely... There is a hand above that will help you on."
- Philip James Bailey


"The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift, not a right."
- Author Unknown

Bread of Life

"Without the bread of life, you will become toast."
- Author Unknown


"Salvation: Don't leave home without it."
- Author Unknown

Psalm 40:8

"I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your law is within my heart."
- Psalm 6:25 NKJV

To Avoid Sin's Tragedy

"To avoid sin's tragedy - learn Satan's strategy."
- Author Unknown